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Conference Research Awards

About the Awards

Nicosia Best Paper Award
Established in 1998, the Franco Nicosia Best Competitive Paper Award is presented to the author/s of the best competitive paper presented at the North American conference. The winners, selected by the conference chairs, receive a plaque and a financial award funded by the Sheth Foundation.

Best Working Paper
Working Paper sessions provide the opportunity to present preliminary results and receive feedback and ideas from session attendees. Working papers are featured in a poster session at the conference, where authors have an opportunity to receive feedback from attendees on their work.

Best Film
The ACR Conference Film Festival continues the tradition of advancing videographic consumer research. We invite films that address the audiovisual character of consumer research phenomena or innovative film-based approaches that advance the field in new directions, as well as submissions outside of these themes.

Best First-Time Film
Similar to the Best Film Award, this award celebrates bold new voices in videographic consumer research.

2023 Recipients

Nicosia Best Paper Award
 “Value-creating processes of past-themed marketing and consumption”
Christian Dam – University of Gothenburg
Benjamin J. Hartmann – University of Gothenburg
Katja H. Brunk – Europa-Universität Viadrina

Best Working Paper
“Lagging Behind: The Insidious Effects of Brief Internet Delays on Consumer Engagement”
Asaf Mazar – University of Pennsylvania
Geoff Tomaino – University of Florida
Ziv Carmon – INSEAD
Angela Duckworth – University of Pennsylvania
Wendy Wood – University of Southern California

Best Film
“Face Value”
Russell Belk – York University
Lena Cavusoglu – Pacific University

Best First-Time Film
“A Death Like No Other: The Lived Experience of COVID-19 Bereavement”
Lynn Sudbury-Riley – University of Liverpool

Past Conference Research Award Recipients


Nicosia Best Paper: “Economic Inequality Shapes Consumers’ Engagement in the Sharing Economy”
Jinyan Xiang – Virginia Tech
Mario Pandelaere – Virginia Tech

Best Working Paper: “Children’s Susceptibility To Advertising: the (un)controllability of evaluative conditioning effects” 
Serena D’Hooge –  Erasmus University
Steven Sweldens – Erasmus University
Mandy Hütter –
University of Tuebingen

Best Film: Consuming Authenticity: Eating and Drinking Local”
Benjamin Garner – University of Central Arkansas

Best First-Time Film: “Recharge Coliving Camp” 
Máté Bencze – Corvinus University of Budapest


Nicosia Best Paper: “The Silver Lining to the Mushroom Cloud: A Netnographic Analysis of Consumers Enjoying Systemic and Existential Risks”
Hunter Jones – Aalto University

Best Working Paper: “Human Enhancement Technologies for the Übermensch Consumer”
Vitor Lima – Audencia Business School
Russell Belk – York University

Best Film: “A Manhattan Spring Chronicle: The Untold Maslow Story of COVID-19”
Iris Mohr – St. Johns University

Best First-Time Film: “Violence Against Doctors: A Customer Incivility Perspective”
Rajesh Chandwani – Indian institute of Management Ahmedabad


Nicosia Best Paper: “Why Consumers Disproportionately Invest to Improve Outcomes That Are Already Favorable”
Joshua Lewis – University of Pennsylvania

Best Working Paper: “When Does Diversity Help or Backfire? Impact of Cultural Diversity on Brand Perception”
Esther Uduehi – University of Pennsylvania
Julian Saint Clair – Loyola Marymount University
Mitchell Hamilton – Loyola Marymount University
Americus Reed II – University of Pennsylvania

Best Film: Dignity as a Gift: An Immersion in the Gastronomic Experience at Refettorio Paris”
Ophelie Elise Mugel

Best First-Time Film: “Stanislavskij’s Reflexive Videography to Explore the Representational World of the Researcher”
Michele Corengia – Università della Svizzera italiana