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Early Career Award: Call for Nominations

ACR members are invited to help identify potential candidates for the ACR Early Career Award for Contributions to Consumer Research. This award will be presented at the Awards Luncheon at ACR 2024. The award, launched in 2010, is given annually to honor excellent research contributions of one or more consumer

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Simonson Mentorship Award: Call for Nominations

ACR members are invited to nominate potential candidates for the Simonson Mentorship Award. The award, launched in 2023, is given annually to honor mentorship of doctoral students. The inaugural award was given in 2023 to Dr. John G. Lynch Jr. (University of Colorado Boulder). This year’s award will be presented

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Fellows Award: Call for Nominations

ACR members are invited to submit nominations for the Fellow in Consumer Behavior Award to the Fellows Nominating Committee. The Committee will consider nominations from the members plus any other names the Committee adds to the list. From that list of nominees, the Committee forwards a subset of nominations to the

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JACR Webinar: Children and Adolescent Consumer Behavior

CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENT CONSUMER BEHAVIOR: FOUNDATIONS AND NEW RESEARCH DIRECTIONS May 24, 202411:30 am -1:00 pm EST Hosted by Deborah Roedder John, Connie Pechmann, and Lan Nguyen Chaplin Zoom Link: Join Zoom This webinar focuses on the most recent special issue of JACR entitled “Children and Adolescent Consumer Behavior: Foundations

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JACR Pre-Submission Webinar: Issue on Language Research in Marketing

PRE-SUBMISSION WEBINAR: JACR ISSUE ON LANGUAGE RESEARCH IN MARKETING May 23, 202412:00 – 1:30 pm EST9:00 – 10:30 am PST19:00-20:30 London time Hosted by Ann Kronrod, UMass Lowell, USA, Sarah Moore, U of Alberta, Canada, Peeter Verlegh, Vrije University, The Netherlands Zoom Link: Register in Advance Join Zoom This

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JACR Announces Issue on Body Building – Submit Abstracts by May 1

Body Building: Growing the Body of Consumer Research on the Body Issue Editors: Cristel Antonia Russell, L. J. Shrum, Pilar Rojas-Gaviria, and Céline Del Bucchia Inhabiting the world is an embodied experience. Inspired by disciplines such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, and the humanities (arts, literary theory, and philosophy), consumer researchers

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