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JACR Policy Board Announces Dr. Andrew D. Gershoff Next Editor in Chief

The JACR Policy Board is pleased to announce that Dr. Andrew D. Gershoff will serve as the next Editor in Chief of the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research (JACR) beginning January 1, 2025. Dr. Gershoff’s selection followed a public call for nominations and a rigorous selection process by the Policy Board. The selection committee was

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TCR Dialogic Conference 2025: A Washington DC Odyssey

The 2025 TCR conference will be held at THE American University, which is in a suburban area of the District of Columbia, adjacent to global embassies, the Vice President’s home, and a host of cultural amenities. The Kogod School of Business and the Marketing Department are the sponsors, and they

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ACR 2024 Paris Call for Papers

2024 marks both the return of the Olympic Games to Paris (prior games were there in 1900 and 1924) and the return of ACR to Paris (the first time was virtual). One of the International Olympic Committee’s mottos for the Olympic Games is “Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together”, often just

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