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Nominations Now Open

ACR members are invited to submit nominations for the Fellow in Consumer Behavior Award to the Fellows Nominating Committee. The Committee will consider nominations from the members plus any other names the Committee adds to the list. The deadline for nominations is Monday, July 1, 2024.

Fellow in Consumer Behavior Award

About the Award

This award, instituted in 1979 recognizes the career contributions of ACR individuals, preferably during their lifetime for “significant impact on scholarly work in consumer behavior.” ACR Fellows receive free lifetime membership into ACR. The Fellows Nominating Committee forwards nominees to the Board of Directors, who select the awardees. The year after the selection, the recipient of the ACR Fellow award receives a plaque and is invited to make a speech at the annual meeting.

2024 Recipient

Dr. Robert V. Kozinets

University of Southern California

Robert V. Kozinets is an innovator whose methods and theories are widely used by researchers and organizations around the world. In 1995, he invented netnography, an application of ethnographic methods to the understanding of digital interaction. Since that time, he has taught digital research methods combined with marketing and branding theories, practices, and ethics to academics as well as to companies, such as American Express, L’Oréal, Sony, Merck, Nissan, TD Bank, Campbell Soup, and many others.

Asking questions about technology, entertainment, religion and desire, his research empowers a more cultural and passionate approach to the new media economy. He has edited and authored eight books, including 2021’s Netnography Unlimited. His co-authored work Influencers will be released in 2022. He has more than 120 publications, many of them highly cited articles in top-tier academic journals, as well as seven research videographies and numerous published poems. Kozinets is associate editor at the Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Consumer Research and an incoming Chair of the Policy Board of the Journal of Association for Consumer Research. He lives in Los Angeles and enjoys painting, poetry, playing guitar and gardening.

Past Fellows Award Winners

Susan Fournier

Rik Pieters

Joel Huber

Wes Hutchinson

John F.  Sherry Jr.

Melanie Wallendorf

David Glen Mick

Marsha Richins

William Bearden

Chris Janiszewski

Linda Price

Punam Anand Keller

Richard Lutz

Debbie Roedder-John

Debbie MacInnis

Jagdish Sheth

Craig Thompson

Barbara Kahn

CW Park

Alice Tybout

2013      Eric Johnson and Itamar Simonson
2010      Joseph Alba, John G. Lynch, Jr. and Brian Sternthal
2007      Don Lehmann and Kent Monroe
1998      Peter Wright
1995      Elizabeth Hirschman
1994      Russell W. Belk, Morris Holbrook and Jacob Jacoby
1993      Richard P. Bagozzi
1992     James R. Bettman
1991     Paul Green and Joseph Newman
1990     Gerald Zaltman
1986     Everett M. Rogers
1985     Harold H. Kassarjian and William D. Wells
1982     Robert Ferber
1981     George Katona and Sidney J. Levy
1980     James. F. Engel and John A. Howard