Association for Consumer Research

Future Conferences

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of consumer research at ACR conferences. Held annually, these renowned events bring together leading scholars, researchers, and industry professionals from across the globe to share cutting-edge findings, engage in stimulating discussions, and forge valuable connections.  Holding conferences in different parts of the world fosters a more inclusive, collaborative, and innovative global community. By bringing together people from all corners of the world, we can generate new ideas, address complex challenges, and build a better future for all.

ACR Annual Conferences

2024 | Paris, France
September 26-29, 2024  |  Marriott Rive Gauche  |  Conference Site

2025 | Washington, D.C.
October 9-12, 2025  |  Grand Hyatt Washington

2026 | Chicago, IL
September 24-27, 2026  |  Palmer House Hilton

2027 | Anaheim, CA
October 28-30, 2027  |  Anaheim Marriott

ACR International Conferences

2024 | Bali, Indonesia
July 8-11, 2024  |  Grand Hyatt Bali  |  Conference Site

2025 | Sao Paolo, Brazil
June 2025 (tentative)  |  Insper Brazil