Association for Consumer Research

TCR Dialogic Conference 2025: A Washington DC Odyssey

The 2025 TCR conference will be held at THE American University, which is in a suburban area of the District of Columbia, adjacent to global embassies, the Vice President’s home, and a host of cultural amenities. The Kogod School of Business and the Marketing Department are the sponsors, and they are housed in a state of the art building, The marketing faculty is one of the most diverse among its peers, with a research focus on consumer well-being broadly construed and four prongs: race in the marketplace, public policy and marketing, transformative consumer research, and sustainability.

Its location in Washington DC is arguably the most important city in the US and abroad in terms of legislative agendas that impact consumer well-being. From the Federal Trade Commission to the Food and Drug Administration, government agencies and offices direct people and organizations in their pursuit of selling and buying goods and services. It also houses some of the most impactful museums from the Smithsonian to the Holocaust to the African American Culture and History Museum. Off-campus events to such venues are scheduled and tours provided. Air-conditioned classrooms and residents halls are available for our usage, and parking in covered garages is available.

Washington DC has three international airports (one in the Virginia suburbs, one in the Maryland suburbs, and one in DC). All have transportation provided into the city, with the DC airport located on the Metro line that comes within a short distance of the campus. A shuttle from that exit to our building runs on a regular basis.

Our plan is for a 2 &1/2 day of dialogic discussion that allows groups to formulate their research strategies and share them with the larger group. Two evenings will be off campus at relevant museums, allowing for tours followed by an evening meal. As always, participants can stay and eat on campus at very reasonable rates, and the conference will be scheduled around the AMA Public Policy & Marketing Conference so that our many international guests can attend both if so desired. More to come over the next several months but feel free to contact Ron Hill ( if you have early questions.

**Dates will be posted soon.**