Association for Consumer Research

JACR Webinar: Children and Adolescent Consumer Behavior


May 24, 2024
11:30 am -1:00 pm EST

Hosted by Deborah Roedder John, Connie Pechmann, and Lan Nguyen Chaplin

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This webinar focuses on the most recent special issue of JACR entitled “Children and Adolescent Consumer Behavior: Foundations and New Research Directions.” Concern about the well-being of young consumers is at the heart of the April 2024 special issue articles which cover neuroscience insights into youth risk behaviors, the effects of social media on youth, social activism among young people, strategies for encouraging them to eat healthier food, parenting strategies and youth smoking, how gambling advertising affects youth, their need for marketplace literacy, and the importance of studying the lived experiences of youth in poverty.

Join this webinar to learn about the latest empirical findings related to young consumers in the marketplace and get a run down of the pressing new issues that require attention from consumer researchers as well. Addressing the well-being of young people offers one of the greatest opportunities in our field for making a positive difference in the lives of consumers. Join us on May 24, 10:30am-Noon CT and consider how you might use your research skills and accumulated wisdom to address the important issues facing today’s youth.


  • Understanding the Past and Preparing for Tomorrow: Children and Adolescent Consumer Behavior Insights from Research in Our Field
    Deborah Roedder John, Cornelia (Connie) Pechmann, and Lan Nguyen Chaplin
  • The Effects of Social Media Consumption on Adolescent Psychological Well-Being
    Elena Fumagalli, L. J. Shrum, and Tina M. Lowrey
  • Neurodevelopmental Theories of Adolescent Decision Making: Overview and Implications for Consumer Behavior
    Elizabeth Beard, Vinod Venkatraman, and Jason Chein
  • We’re on the Rise: How Social Movements Support Youth Well-Being
    Melissa G. Bublitz, Jennifer Edson Escalas, Lama Lteif, Gia Nardini, Laura A. Peracchio, Tracy Rank-Christman, and Sophia Woodrow
  • Leveraging the Social World: A Recipe for Moving the Study of Children and Food Forward
    Margaret Echelbarger and Michal Maimaran
  • Mathematics Is Good for the Mind and Body: Children Make Better Food Choices after Solving Math Problems
    Mikyoung Lim, Annika Abell, Courtney Szocs, and Dipayan Biswas
  • Impoverished Children and Consumption Adequacy
    Ronald Paul Hill and Sarah Mady
  • Priming Young Minds: The Appeal of Gambling Advertising to Children and Young People
    Raffaello Rossi and Agnes Nairn
  • Differential Effects of Parental Psychological Control on Boys’ versus Girls’ Smoking Development
    Zhiyong Yang
  • Facilitating Relationship-Building Online for Positive Adolescent Development
    Arianna R. Uhalde, Katherine M. Ross, and Benjamin J. Houltberg
  • Educating for Adolescent Well-Being: Is It Time for Marketplace Literacy?
    Wendy Attaya Boland, Sonya A. Grier, and Paul M. Connell