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JACR Announces Issue on Body Building – Submit Abstracts by May 1

Body Building: Growing the Body of Consumer Research on the Body

Issue Editors: Cristel Antonia Russell, L. J. Shrum, Pilar Rojas-Gaviria, and Céline Del Bucchia

Inhabiting the world is an embodied experience. Inspired by disciplines such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, and the humanities (arts, literary theory, and philosophy), consumer researchers have scrutinized the many body-consumption connections. In the context of transformations of our contemporary society with technology, digital media, fluid gender identities, and new consumption practices, our body is at the center of individual, societal, and political attention. As such, this issue of JACR focuses on the connective tissue between the body and consumption, thus growing the Body of Consumer Research on the Body.

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Editorial Timeline

·        BODI Workshop: September 26, 2024

·        Submission portal opens: May 1, 2025

·        First submission deadline: July 1, 2025

·        Final decisions: June 15, 2026

·        Publication: October 2026