Association for Consumer Research

ACR Sheth Foundation Conference Scholarship

To assist PhD students with limited resources to attend the 2024 Paris ACR conference, the Association for Consumer Research in association with the Sheth Foundation will grant 20 need-based conference scholarships to PhD students with an accepted competitive paper, working paper, special session, or film. Anyone who will be a PhD student in September 2024 and presenting their work at the conference as a student is encouraged to apply.

These scholarships will include complimentary registration to the conference and the following need-based allowance to cover some of the estimated travel and lodging costs of attending the conference: $600 for students enrolled in an institution based in Europe, and $1200 for students enrolled in an institution based in other parts of the world. In exchange, the recipients will commit to 10 hours of work for ACR. The tasks will include helping before the conference (e.g., putting together and editing the program, etc.), during the conference (e.g., registration, directing people), and outside the conference (e.g., research assistance for the board of ACR, website and database maintenance). Scholarship winners will be contacted by the conference coordinator prior to the conference to arrange schedules for the assistance.

In order to apply, PhD students should submit the following documents through the ACR website form by July 31, 2024

  1. Cover letter, making a (need-based) case for their selection for the scholarship and including the following details:
    1. The details of their accepted conference presentation.
    2. Indication of whether they have attended the ACR September conference in the past (in person).
    3. Confirming that they have not received an ACR travel stipend in past years.
  2. A letter from their advisor confirming that they do not have access to funding to attend the conference through their school or through research grants. This letter should also specify whether the PhD student is receiving any source of funding during the year (i.e., a scholarship, a stipend, or any other research money).
  3. A copy of their CV.

The scholarship decision will be made by a committee based on merit and need. The committee consists of Yan Vieites (FGV EBAPE), Irene Scopelliti (Bayes Business School), Bram Van den Bergh (Erasmus), Jaideep Sengupta (HKUST), and Ana Valenzuela (ESADE-Ramon Llul/Baruch College, committee chair).

Students with an accepted competitive paper or a special session will receive priority over those with an accepted working paper or film. Priority will also be given to PhD students who are first-time in-person attendees of the ACR September conference. The reviewers’ ratings of the submission and the candidates’ CVs will be used in case of ties.

Applicants will be informed by August 19th regarding the outcome of their application. Students who apply for the stipend but do not receive it will be allowed to ask a co-author to present or to withdraw their submission if they decide not to attend the conference. Students who applied for the stipend last time (for the 2023 ACR Conference in Seattle) and did not receive it can apply again, but each student can receive the stipend only once.

Winners are encouraged to indicate that they are winners of the ACR Sheth Foundation Conference Scholarship on their CVs.

Ana Valenzuela
ACR International Perspectives Director