TCR Grant Proposals

The ACR Board and Sheth Foundation are continuing to generously provide funds to support the TCR grant competition. Past grants were supported by the Sheth Foundation, Association for Consumer Research, and Kellogg Foundation.

Call for Proposals for TCR Research Funding 2017-18

Here is an exemplar of a past submission that was successful.

Past TCR Grant Awards
Here are but a few of the noteworthy publications funded by the TCR grant program:

Viswanathan, Madhubalan, Lan Xia, Carlos Torelli, and Roland Gau (2009), “Literacy and Consumer Memory,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 19, 389–402.

Scott, Maura L., Stephen M. Nowlis, Naomi Mandel, and Andrea C. Morales (2008), “The Effect of Reduced Food Sizes and Packages on the Consumption Behavior of Restrained Eaters and Unrestrained Eaters,” Journal of Consumer Research, 35(3), 391-405.

Luchs, Michael G., Rebecca Walker Naylor, Julie R. Irwin, and Rajagopal Raghunathan (2010), “The Sustainability Liability: Potential Negative Effects of Ethicality on Product Preference,” Journal of Marketing, 74(5), 18-31.