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Wonders of Waste: The Ideological Diffusion of the Upcycling Movement
This videography explores the ideological diffusion of the upcycling movement, a movement attempting to restore the balance between production, consumption, and waste. The upcycling movement marks a new form of working consumer – creative deconsumers – working towards altering the ideological identification with waste.
Dodo Le La – From Beer Consumption to Heritage Edification
This videography studies the role of consumers in the edification of a convenience good as a patrimonial object of consumption. Through the practices, representations and values they insert in the good and its context, they transformed a regional product into an iconic brand; the beer "La Dodo"(40.43 min). Password: DODOLELA2016
Further away = higher willingness to pay?
This film illustrates the effects of spatial distance in print and video advertisements, which were investigated in a series of experiments. Many ads work with different perspectives, such as wide shots or close-ups of the product. But how does the chosen perspective affect the consumer’s reactions to the advertised product? In particular, is the consumer’s willingness to pay influenced by the product being shown from a spatially distant vs. proximal perspective? (12.08 min) Password: wtp