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Need for Narrative
What is a useful story from the perspective of its consumer? Through semi-structured interviews with 55 Eurostar passengers from 14 countries, this film documents how consumers define stories, distinguish between different reasons to need narrative, and experience the effects of need for narrative.
Dog Parks and Coffee Shops: Diversity Seeking in Changing Neighborhoods
This research explores diversity-seeking, community, and consumption in neighborhoods undergoing urban revitalization. In a study of three in Washington, DC, neighborhoods, we find that differences in resources, cultural norms and cultural preferences lead to tensions among some residents and perceived exclusion from consumption opportunities for others. For access to the full film, please add:
I'm Struggling: Men's Stories of Mental Illness
This film is part of wider Transformative Consumer Research on the stigma of mental illness amongst men. This film uses a monologue to share their experiences - by sharing, it is hoped that we can build empathy, understanding and break the stigma of mental illness.
Consuming Journeys: Exploring Place in Motion
In this film, we will take you on a journey through the Scottish Highlands on the world famous Jacobite steam train. We explore the motivations and experiences of passengers and reveal how a journey can be a multi-sensory consumption experience in its own right; a place in motion.
Consumer Perceptions of UnderArmour Brand: A Semiotic Square Approach
Athletes see UnderArmour as equipment that allows them to focus on their sport; Fashion focused consumers appreciate colors and logo. Non-athletes feel more athletic, leading to contradictions in perception. A semiotic square is used to convey these perceptions and relationships supported by self-enhancement, self verification, and symbolic self completion theories.
Videogames: Diving in the heart of parallel worlds
This videography aims at improving the understanding of cultural practices by interviewing 35 gamers during the “Paris Games Week”. Results show that there are: a videogame’s appropriation through four motivations on a continuum reality-virtuality; a diving on parallel worlds; the experience to create a digital Self.
Meet the robot: Nao's chronicle
Robots are no longer science-fiction characters. With the progresses in technology, they are now available to consumers. Specifically, firms target aging consumers with companion robots. In this video, we show how elderly react when facing a humanoid robot and highlight the tension between the imaginary and the real.
Follow Me on Dead Media: Analog Authenticities in Alternative Skateboarding Scene
While the digital media has become omnipresent in the contemporary society, this research takes a closer look on an unexpected trend: why some consumers and subcultures turn to analog media instead? Insights are offered from an unlikely context: alternative skateboarding scene in Helsinki.
Capturing Online Fashion Shopping Experiences: A Screencast Videography
Through the lens of videography researchers have captured the finest details of consumption experiences. Here, I present online videography to capture the online fashion shopping experiences. Using Critical Incident Analysis I highlight the process of the experience and the main incidents that influence approach-avoidance decisions within this process.
The Mask We Wear: Consumer Escapism Through Cosplay
This research explores the antecedents, process, and outcomes of consumer escapism in the context of cosplay and discusses escapism’s place alongside other related constructs such as flow & fantasy. Videographic observations were made and 25 interviews were conducted with cosplayers at three different cons in early 2014.
Coming to America: A Family Narrative of Things
This film explores the life stories and immigration experience of a Uruguayan-American family through the lens of their possessions and acquisitions. The heterogeneity of the immigrant experience is evident in the participants' stories as is the deep relationship between personal artifacts and carrying forward a sense of home.
In Brutal Times
This short film proposes poetic brutality as a methodological alternative that respects the consumer’s messy impressions of marketing’s artifacts. It aims to unwrestle the poetic possibility from pomo’s deathly academic brand-embrace, and celebrates ancient premodern gathering and new digital post-romanticism.
How cooking as a consumption practice resolves value conflicts
According to Schwartz, consumers across the world can be mapped into groups with similar cultural values. However while adhering to one type of value, its polar type may cause conflict. This film, through the example of a South Indian housewife, focuses on how cooking as a consumption practice helps resolve conflicting values of tradition and hedonism.