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A Study of the Play Element of a Location-based Social Network: Foursquare (24 min)
The videography presents the social network location-based Foursquare within the perspective of users and experts. We develop the theory of the play element as a social function applied to Foursquare (Huizinga, 1951). Implications as well as limitations and avenues of research are finally introduced.
A Pen (8 min)
In addition to exploring video as a medium of conducting and presenting consumer research, the making of the film was driven by these questions: What might an object-oriented philosophy look like? Where does agency end and passive materiality begin? "A Pen" places a mundane object at the center of meaning-making by plotting its mode of being as something other than anthropological or instrumental. The pen co-constitutes reality with human actors.
Around the World of Tourist Souvenirs (30 min)
This videography invites to travel inside tourist souvenirs around the world through a naturalistic interpretive approach. The film shows that souvenirs are often considered as special possessions that help consumers remember and extend their trips in time, space and the social environment. It also highlights the hierophanous role of souvenirs as messengers of meanings.
Fading Stories (12 min)
Recent far-reaching transformations in the field of photography have accelerated the creation of inexpensive crowd-generated “photo archives,” reducing the demand for more expensive professional and objective imagery. This film explores the irreversibly shrinking path for traditional photojournalism, altering production, distribution and the consumption patterns of unbiased and representative photographic truth.
Entre-deux-mondes: Shaping of Artistic Projects in a Local Music Scene (31 min)
This video continues research on music from a scenes perspective. By studying local indie music producers in France, we conceptualize "artistic projects" of indie music producers as a particular cultural universe that is embedded in scenes and shaped by an assemblage of market actors.
Citizen Consumer (29 min)
What does it mean to be a consumer in a context which emphasizes social goals as key to citizenship? This film explores the evolving notion of citizen/consumer in Cuba at a time of shifting market dynamics and cultural change.
The Runners' (R)evolution (24 min)
Running is more popular than ever in the United States, and a vocal minority of runners have decided to eschew traditional footwear (a-shoe, perhaps?) in favor of minimal shoes, or no shoes at all. They find the experience to be transformative for their bodies and souls. This project examines the barefoot-running phenomenon and its impact on consumer behavior, including questions re self-determination, word-of-mouth communication, trust, and health, well being, and happiness. The video also looks at strategic responses emerging from shoe manufacturers, large and small.
The Indian Bazaar: Street Markets and Customer Perceptions (16 min)
‘Sandhai’, ‘Bazzar’, ‘Mandi’ – called by different names, the informal local marketplaces serve as cultural hubs of India. This movie documents an explorative look at various informal street markets in the Indian city of Chennai. While giving insights into Indian customers’ psychology, this film also captures their perceptions of these bazaars.
Coffee Shops Yesterday, Running Groups Today - Consumption Communities as the New Address for Oldenburg's Third Places (20 min)
Ramon Oldenburg coined the name ‘third places’ to social gathering places outside of home and work, and felt that the vanishing third places were a reason for the decline of community. Through participant observation and interviews this study explores the possibility of considering consumption communities as present day third places.
Yoga and Fashion (13 min)
A former banker from Singapore, a pornographer from Los Angeles, a student from Washington D.C., and a former marketer from Tokyo help the author explore how they marry yoga and fashion.
Consuming the Contradiction (17 min)
In 'Consuming the Contradiction' we produce a mashup of the footage shot at the Flow music festival in Helsinki. The stories reveal further insights into the acts of demythologization and contradiction in what has been coined hipster consumption.
Entertained to Excess: The Contemporary Practices of Boredom (21 min)
Perhaps it is not surprising that the concept of boredom has not received much interest in consumer research in our media saturated consumer culture. This videography illustrates, from a Heideggerian perspective, how boredom becomes embodied in the lives of consumer seeking extreme thrills. We find that a world which bombards us with distractions in the form of various types of entertainment may have its dark side that perpetuates the very experience of boredom we wish to desperately escape in our pleasure-obsessed age.
It's a Girl Thing (58 min)
Framed by the structure of a faux interactive website for tween girls, "It's a Girl Thing" speaks with consumer critics, tween brand marketers, girls, moms, and educators to explore the seemingly benign cultural universe of candy-coated, pastel-colored, hyper-commercialized girl culture (and the tween queen phenomenon) to reveal the complex and contradictory messages directed at today's young girls.
What happens when brand evangelism meets entrepreneurship? Introducing the second tier tribal entrepreneur
This videography explores the evolving nature of tribal entrepreneurship within the international beer pong consumer tribe. It discusses how passionate consumers are evangelising a focal tribal brand in a sophisticated entrepreneurial manner. Second tier tribal entrepreneurs aid the process of communal glocalization. Thus, they are understood as cultural gatekeepers: a link between the focal tribal brand and a remote sub-tribe.