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The concept of space and place is central to understanding everyday life. Using an ethnographic approach, this film explores the consumption experiences encountered by park users. The interconnectivity of space, rhythm and consumption help to co-create the consumption experience, thus, helping to transform the everyday into something special.
Labour of Love: Reforging Community Ownership and Identity
This film focuses on consumer adoption of train stations and demonstrates how local communities can work with market forces to retain a sense of place through environment enhancements. In contrast to guerrilla community activity studies, we demonstrate how firm involvement can legitimize community actors and co-create mutual benefits.
Living Abroad and Coming Back to Brazil: Analysis of the Acculturation and Re-adaptation Process of Brazilian Consumers
This study investigates the effects of the consumer acculturation process during and after an experience of living abroad. The 21 consumers surveyed showed changes in eating habits, in purchase decision processes, in cultural identity, and in their satisfaction with products and services in Brazil, among other results.
Perceptions of Music Authenticity
Perceptions of music authenticity are important to both evaluation of music, and word-of-mouth in today’s socially networked world. The producers present the results of two studies through examples and evidence of an authentication process that consumers use to evaluate music and musicians.
The Père-Lachaise Cemetery: Between Touristic Experience and Heterotopic Consumption
This videography offers an ethnographic analysis of the Père-Lachaise cemetery, a major tourist site of Paris. The film shows how the sacred and profane dimensions of consumption are entangled in the visiting experience through a series of symbolic behaviors and rituals that make the cemetery a heterotopia.
Co-Creation and Co-Production of Value: Competition Amongst Subcultures of Consumption
What happens when different subcultures both love a brand, but for very different and often mutually exclusive reasons? This research investigates what happens when these subcultures acknowledge each other’s presence, interact and influence each other’s enjoyment of the product, and ultimately attempt to influence the evolution of the product.
Fear and Flow: Climbing the Bugaboos, British Columbia
Rock climbing is often featured as a metaphoric illustration in business instructional and inspirational materials. As in business, rock climbing involves a balance of flow and fear. We capture the combination of the two in our short video exploring rock climbers doing what they love in the Bugaboos, British Columbia.
Aging and the Changing Meaning of Consumption Experiences
Like all major life transitions, aging and retirement produce new self-identities that are reflected in the way consumers give meaning to their lives. These findings highlight differences related to age on the goals accomplished through consumption and also show how temporal orientation affects the meaning of consumption experiences.
Arab Hospitality
We examine contemporary Arab Hospitality in Qatar and UAE at three levels: home hospitality, commercial hospitality, and hospitality toward the foreigners who comprise the majority of the populations in both countries. We find that divergences in these practices unify some and alienate others within Arab Gulf cultures.
Spaces and Temporarility
In this video, we adapt the radical humanist non-representational perspective in order to bring about new ways of thinking and to question both the conventional social constructivist perspective and what video can epistemologically express as a spatio-temporally situated medium.
Differing Days - Planning and Emergence in Contemporary Mundane Routines
This videography illustrates how our everyday life is a flux of emergent relations—one in which our conventional notion of cognitive agency may have much less to do with than we tend to allow. It seems that we plan ahead only to become swept away by the moment.