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Beautycare and Pregnancy
Pregnancy is an unique moment, that creates unique desires. With this thought in our mind, we developed this small research project to understand the link between cosmetics and beautycare products and pregnant women.
Beer Country
Since the first settlers arrived at the St. Mary’s mission in the mid-19th century, Montanans have loved beer – they love making it, sharing it, talking about it, and drinking it. In this film, we investigate the historic, economic, cultural and aesthetic values that make Montana America’s own Beer Country.
Brothers in paint: practice-oriented inquiry into a tribal marketplace culture
The objective of this videography is to explore what opportunities and challenges the emerging practice-oriented approach opens up for conceptualizing tribal consumer culture and marketplace dynamics. Drawing on Schatzki’s theorization of the ‘site of the social’, tribal marketplace culture and change are examined based on ?ndings from a multi-sited ethnography of consumer tribes gathered around the extreme sport of paintball. In doing so, the tribal marketplace culture or the ‘site of the tribe
Distant Voices
The film Distant Voices is the result of an ethnographic research that used videography as research method. The aim of this research was understand the attributes of a place that create the sense of place and how these attributes could be represented in a place branding imagery. The findings demonstrated that sense of place is made of a constant interaction and a dynamic negotiation between people and their physical space creating shared and communal meanings for landscape, culture and its mani
Domains of Privacy in Arab Gulf Homes
Globalization has both ameliorating and exacerbating effects on traditional cultural patterns. Based on ethnographic fieldwork over a three-year period, we analyze how local Islamic cultures affect consumption and marketing amid this swirl of new influences.
Ecovillages and permaculture: a reference model for sustainable consumption?
Ecovillages are intentional ecological communities, based on permaculture (permanent culture), and seen as reference models for sustainable lifestyle. In this videography, we explore ecovillagers attitudes and behaviors regarding consumption and economics. Results indicate the presence of advanced sustainable consumption knowledge, both in theory and practice.
Fashion, Consumption and Identity
What makes somebody uncomfortable with her own appearance? Why look like the others bother us so much? Such questionings show us a conflict in the consumer mind in the search for a unique style against the need of group recognition, creating a reflexive thought on the importance of fashion in our society. The consumers on the video value their dressing way and they help us understanding how consumers build and express their identity through fashion.
Finding Harmony in the Belizean Jungle
While fifteen thousand life coaches (in the US alone) guide their patrons toward more balanced lives (and charge them up to 300 dollars an hour), our characters find a balanced and harmonious life in the jungle. An attorney, a yoga instructor, and a tour guide, unrelated natives of the US and Belize, describe themselves respectively as a people person, a seeker, and a lucky man. Contrary to the Western metaphoric meaning of the word “jungle,” they find contentment and peace of mind in the wilder
We aimed at analyzing and understanding the peculiarities of video game consumption interviewing hardcore players that interact in Microsoft Xbox 360 virtual communities. The results allowed us to infer that the virtual experience and the online interaction are key elements presently in the consumption of games.
Is Green?
This film examines consumers’ reactions to the marketing practices of “Green Washing” –representing products as being environmentally friendly in ways that result in consumers feeling confused, skeptical, and cynical about those claims, and more generally, about the green movement towards sustainable consumption practices. The public discourse around “environmentally friendly” offerings is becoming increasingly contentious, socially divisive, and politicized, and this film explores these dynami
Paradise Lost: The Making of Shangri-La
Once upon a time, there was a peaceful Himalayan Fairyland that was a Garden of Eden, an earthly Paradise, and a Heaven on Earth. Its name was Shangri-La. And now the harried city dweller can vacation there. In 2002 the county of Zhongdian in China’s Yunan Province changed its name to Shangri-La. Based on fieldwork in 2009, we consider the positive and negative effects of this bid to attract tourists and transform the local economy.
Portalxbox – A videographic study on a Brand Community
Our goal with this videography is to understand more about Brand Community. To reach our objective we’ve chosen to interview members of a videogame community: Portalxbox. The community directed at users of Microsoft Xbox players is one of the biggest communities of Xbox Worlwide, with a total of 70,000 members.
Restrained Pursuit of Luxury: Wealthy Shanghainese Attitudes towards Upscale Consumption
In order to examine the Chinese perception of luxury, we visited Shanghai in September 2008 and interviewed four families there with annual income of more than 100,000 US Dollars. Our finding was the restrained perception of luxury shared by wealthy Shanghainese. Their perception was restrained compared to their Western counterparts, probably because by the traditional Confucian values. They are still under the influence of their parents’ generation which had undergone the atrocious hardship dur
Retweet: A Digital Meditation on the Power of Twitter
The phenomenal growth of Twitter, a popular microblogging application, is testament to consumers’ desires to instantaneously connect with other consumers. Though many deride the seeming meaningless of the “twitter stream,” consumers are putting the application to use in surprisingly potent ways. This video offers a brief reflection on the recursive power of Twitter.
Sustainability: A New Consumer Movement
Consumers define sustainability in different ways and enact a variety of different behaviors to construct, maintain, and enhance their sustainable lifestyles. Further, those resulting multi-dimensional lifestyles are clearly personal. They tap into deeply held values, connect to communities, and evoke strong emotions. Sustainability is a new consumer movement.