Process and Meaning in 'Getting a Tattoo’

Christina Goulding, University of Wolverhampton
John Follett, University of Wolverhampton
Michael Saren, University of Stratchclyde
Pauline MacLaren, De Montfort University
ABSTRACT - This paper explores the nature of customer interactions and the development of client/provider relationships in the tattoo industry, a rapidly growing service that has seen an increase in demand for its 'products’ over the last two decades and a cultural shift from the deviant to the mainstream. Through the use of a qualitative methodology the identified themes of 'information search’, 'approval’, 'interpersonal skills’, 'trust building and mutual involvement’ 'becoming a collector’ and 'developing a sense of loyalty’ are discussed.
[ to cite ]:
Christina Goulding, John Follett, Michael Saren, and Pauline MacLaren (2004) ,"Process and Meaning in 'Getting a Tattoo’", in NA - Advances in Consumer Research Volume 31, eds. Barbara E. Kahn and Mary Frances Luce, Valdosta, GA : Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 279-284.