The Effect of Temporal Distance on Self-Presentation By Brand

Teck Ming Tan, University of Oulu, Finland
Jari Salo, University of Helsinki, Finland
Jouni Juntunen, University of Oulu, Finland
Ashish Kumar, Aalto University, Finland
This paper reveals that a brand’s ability to serve as a means of presenting the consumer’s actual self versus ideal self is affected by whether the consumer’s mindset is temporally proximal or distant, which results in a more favorable attitude toward a symbolic brand and influences the choices consumers make.
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Teck Ming Tan, Jari Salo, Jouni Juntunen, and Ashish Kumar (2017) ,"The Effect of Temporal Distance on Self-Presentation By Brand", in NA - Advances in Consumer Research Volume 45, eds. Ayelet Gneezy, Vladas Griskevicius, and Patti Williams, Duluth, MN : Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 481-485.